Nice to meet you!

And welcome to go, darling, go! My name is Jessie Golem, and I am a photographer. This is how I combine the many loves of my life: bright colours, adventures, people, and telling stories, and in a way, try to capture the wonder I see in the world everyday.

Choosing a photographer

When you are choosing a photographer for your wedding, your family shots, and your events, you are looking for someone you can trust. You want to find someone who will work hard to deliver you images that you will love, and memories that will last you a lifetime. I work hard as a photographer because my work brings me joy. Laughter, a smile, a gaze between two people in love... When I capture these moments, I am doing what I love, and it brings me great joy to be able to impart what I love to you by providing you with pictures that are creative, unique, professional, and beautiful. I research extensively, and always seek to find more and unique projects that will help me to learn more, grow more, and become a better photographer.

go, darling, go!

They say that life is a journey. I am on a journey to capture the emotion, beauty and goodness that this world has to offer. Let's go on this journey together.

Jessie Golem
[email protected]